Photoshop has video edits?!

Yeah, I know I felt the same way when found out in class that photoshop has access to edit videos and create one. Not only is it the easiest thing since paint bucket on Windows, but what I like about it the most is that it is so original. Before knowing this feature, I used to use iMovie all the time. However, what I don’t like about iMovie, now that I discovered that we can do video, is that iMovie basically baby’s you. What I mean when I say that they baby you is that they have preset themes already set for you, so it makes the learning experience not as fun and you don’t appreciate your work as much when it’s practically handed to you. In photoshop, you can set your own transitions with audio, put the pictures in the order you want, add as many pictures as you want with 30 frames per second, of course. But overall it makes your work unique and guaranteed no one else has the same video or theme as you do.

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