Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment

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I cropped this picture to fit an aspect ratio of 16:9 because I wanted to focus on the students and take off some headroom. Auto corrected the color, contrast and tone. Then added a text with a transparency using the rectangle tool and enhanced the text with a stroke and drop shadow. I didn’t want to do too much to this picture because I wanted to emphasize all the students heading to class for the first day of the Fall semester.


I edited out the danger sign with the lasso tool because I thought it was unnecessary for the photo I really wanted to show emphasis on the beautiful lighthouse and house. The reason why I didn’t edit out the volleyball net (although I thought of it) is because I think it creates an even balance in the picture between the lighthouse and the volleyball net–rule of thirds. I rotated the picture using the arbitrary tool to even out the picture since it was crooked. I also auto corrected the color, tone, and contrast–and fixed the exposure a bit because was a little dark. I think it looks better now because your eyes focus now directly at the house and its scenery rather than a whole bunch of items at the same time.


In this picture I had lots of fun with the text on the banner. Although, it took a little time and was extremely hard to edit out the text using the lasso tool. I then added a different text to the banner. I think it goes better with the students smirk and style. I cropped the photo to put her in the center using the rule of thirds and auto corrected contrast, color, and tone.


This picture was one of my favorites because it really didn’t need that much editing since it has a great background. I fixed the exposure, shadows and highlights so you can see the cruise ship in the background better and auto corrected the color. I fixed her red-eye and whiten her teeth a bit using the dodge tool.


This one was a bit challenging since the cars on the side were hard to edit out. I cropped the photo to take off some headroom in order to focus on the runners. Using the lasso tool, I edited out the cars and fixed the errors as usual with the spot healing brush. Then I added text to show viewers what type of marathon it was. I added a transparency with a low opacity because you could hardly see the text since it was over the knee’s–using the rectangle tool. In order for the text to pop out even more I added a stroke and drop shadow.


I cropped this photo for a long shot to show a broad view of the surroundings around the characters. I edited out using the lasso tool, some students in the back walking that distracted the viewer from the main points of the picture. I also edited out some metal pieces on the floor to clean it up a bit and personally it think they were unnecessary.


I cropped the image using the rule of thirds because I knew I wanted to add text to the red plain wall. Although there really isn’t a background to the text it was still a bit hard to read since the red is so eye-popping so I decided to add a layer style to the text using the bevel and emboss feature and increased the depth of the black color. In order to give it kind of like a 3D effect. I used the video layer ruler to make sure I was in the frame of the video where the text doesn’t cut off. There was also some spray paint writing on the tire that I edited out using the lasso tool. Since the spray paint was pretty big on the tire I used the spot healing brush to fix some errors but also had to use the cloning tool to maintain the rough print/look of the tire–because I wanted to maintain the worn out tire. I auto corrected the color, tone and contrast to make those colors truly pop out.


Last but not least, I rotated this picture using the arbitrary tool because it was not centered. There was a fan that was next to the treadmill that I thought was unnecessary in the picture because the main items I want to focus on are the gym essentials–so I used the lasso tool and spot healing brush. There was also a TRX band that was in the way of the ladder and messed up the balance of the picture so I also edited it out and had to use the clone tool to bring back the elements on the wall and of the ladder. Like all the pictures I auto corrected the color, contrast, and tone of the pictures so the colors can pop out and becomes easy to the eyes.

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