Photoshoot Experience

This past Friday I had a photoshoot scheduled for The Yard Miami’s business cards, flyers, website, etc. I can honestly say that from the five photoshoots I have modeled for in the past, this was by far my favorite–reason being my knowledge on angles and lighting has changed the experience for me. It is crazy how you start appreciating what is happening behind the camera and behind the editing more than what is happening in front of it. I think this happens when you truly know the hard work that it takes to do all of this, before I just thought,” Oh it’s so easy to just point, shoot the camera and edit those pictures on Photoshop–it’s harder for the model.” [insert buzzer noise here] Boy, was I wrong. Not only did I appreciate the hard work, but it helped me look at photography more as a piece of art and it helped my creativity go wild. Thought of so many ideas for the shoot that even the photographer was psyched. Sometimes we have to look at both sides of the story, no only ours, to really know the hard work that is being put behind all of it.

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