Audacity Experience

For those of you who have downloaded Audacity without reading any manual or tutorial about it, good luck. It really isn’t as hard as it looks, but if you don’t do appropriate research or learning the simple stuff that was just a click of a button can get confusing. Before my RTV class I tried to use Audacity and it took me about three hours to figure it out. When it was as simple as just “muting” one audio file to edit the other without affecting it. I’ve learned, however, that as simple as a Audacity is, it really isn’t useful for everything. In the sense of professional musicians. It is very essential for reporters and multimedia journalists’. By creating soundscapturing, editing and getting research recordings ready for archiving or analysis. It combines voices and sounds from various sources to create news reports or narratives on a news website for your group or even recording debates or public discussions directly onto your computer. I just found my best friend to accompany me with my one woman band.

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