Photoshop Fails

The many reason’s why photoshop learning is a necessity and should be handled with care.


Photo acquired from:

That one time Chrissy Teigen accidentally lost her nipple on GQ in Brazil. She then joked about it after on Twitter.

smudge control problem

When this eBay’s model fingers got a little out of control and grappled her neck. Can you say, smudge control?


When John Mayer went a little to crazy with the smooth tool on Instagram.



Mirrors are photoshop’s enemy. That one time Vogue magazine revealed the West family as vampires–or Kanye’s reflection. The new Cullen family?


Pampers /

Pampers new demon baby? Take it easy on the red-eye.


Photoshop–killing my hopes and dreams of being fit. Why didn’t they fix Terry Richardson too?


Not only does Target have a sale on there bathing suit, but they make your arms look freakishly long too?

Last but not least,


McDonald’s Iced Coffee also comes with a ghost arm in your order–opacity levels too strong.

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