My First Experience as a Photographer

This week I felt like a photographer of the highest caliber. Not because I took the best of pictures—I’m still pretty bad—but because for the first time I actually felt like I know what I was doing with a camera. I learned how to pick certain subjects, what areas to cut off, and what makes up a good picture. Now it might have not been a good idea to choose such a fancy camera for my first time shooting. I picked a Nikon DSLR and like a rookie I forgot to buy an SD card. There are so many things you can do with a DSLR that I am a little intrigued into buying one of my own. It was truly a great experience to take good high resolution pictures and be behind the camera for once. I do, however, have to learn how to take landscape pictures and better familiarize myself with shot comparisons. You know what they say—Practice makes perfect! I’m ready for this new journey.

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